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$FREE on 4/1/2019 – Fractured Fairytales Volume 2 by Laurel Black

There's always been an untold nostalgia within an otherwise happy fairy tale. Whether it be through innocent love, erotic romance, or even love born from war, macabre desires will always rule over their hearts. Because after all, that's what it means, for beauty to be found within tragedy.

Stories include In Loving Memory, Senseless, and Until Your Heart Breaks.

Did he just happen to fall in love with Mare? Was he infatuated with him, to the point where he’d run away with him, forsake everything he knew, just like the fairytales Mare gushed over? Probably not. But it was nice, to know that he was wanted. That someone cared for him.

And it scared him.

It was so fast. And all it took was just one person. One person to get him to open up. One person that made him think back to when things were okay, to when he wasn’t feeling so numb, when he didn’t start downing alcohol or turn to knives or fire for entertainment or comfort. One person to make him remember what it felt like, before he spun out of control.

So maybe he was right. Maybe it wasn’t love. Maybe it was just the high that he gets whenever he felt like he’s found the one. Maybe it was the kind of emotions he gets when he finds someone he can latch onto, someone he feels like won’t betray him, won’t abandon him for anything. He’s had those feelings before, and each time he does, he’s wrong on all of them.

But it couldn’t hurt to hope.

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$FREE on 1/15/2019 – Bittersweet by Laurel Black

A small collection of short stories that deals with love and loss. This collection includes: End of a Dream, Seasons, Misplaced Love, and One More Night.

Just before you proposed, you told me about a dream you once had.

We were back in high school, being goofy, lovestruck teens. We were walking in one of the local parks. There was a lake near us, and you figured it’d be a good idea to push me in. Fortunately, I caught the sleeve of your shirt, and took you down with me. We spent the rest of that dream kissing in that lake, until evening fell and we had to go back.

As I looked down at you in that hospital bed, I kept remembering that dream, your voice still ringing in my ears. Before I knew it, I leaned down, and kissed your forehead.

“I love you,” I whispered, just as the nurses rushed in, just as I was ushered to the side, they couldn’t do anything to revive you.

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