$0.99 on 12/1/2019 – My Andromeda by Brandon McYntire

Somewhere far beyond the horizon of knowing, in the endless Universe, there is a world which we can’t even imagine in our biggest fantasies. A world which doesn’t know evil or hate and the problems related to it-a world which is only too familiar to us. Beings which live in this world follow our everyday activities and sometimes they decide to visit us. They are similar to us and can’t be distinguished from us. This story offers an outlook and perspective on how we would behave if we met such a creature. Indecision is our characteristic since birth. If we had the choice for an endless life, everyone would decide in a different way. It would depend on which side of the scale would be heavier. In each person there’s this imaginary scale which tips to either luck or bad luck. When the main protagonist of this story says the name Andromeda, it will be his last decision, one which he won’t be able to change. Welcome to the other side of the known Universe.

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