$0.99 on 11/20/2018 – Eve by Jay M. Horne

When the tower of Babel was cast down and the great unified land of Pangea was separated into the many continents of today, man was also segregated into races and languages …

… In the present, among a desire to rid the world of such segregation and finally unite the people as a single voice once again, it falls to Jesse and Evelyn to overcome their familial and racial differences and restore the Great Tower to its former glory.
In a twisting and psychological work of historical fiction, Jay Horne brings a well-known story to life during a time when humanity needs a beacon of hope in the real fight against racism and political turmoil.
Re-unite the continents of the world, in Jay's romantic adventure. Romeo and Juliet meets the story of creation, in the first installment of the Chronicles of Pangea- EVE.

Evelyn meets Jesse at a hotel in London during the 20th century, after the death of her late husband who dragged her willingly into the era of industry from the Western jungles of Africa where she lived among her tribe, the Oxychana.

They never thought that the ancient symbol of their love, fashioned by the hand of Merlin during the great King Arthur's marriage, could carry so much power. Evelyn and Jesse faithfully nurture their taboo relationship (despite, and with ‘help' from the supernatural forces of the Fae and Djinn, sent by Father Time and Mother Earth) while uncovering the dark secrets of their families' pasts. The bond between the two could be the only hope for erasing global segregation and returning the great First Pyramid to its former glory.

Make your way back to the saga that started it all … can Love reunite opposing Creeds?

Their journey will make you believe!

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