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I grew up with Fin, I shouldn’t be attracted to him. No matter how handsome he is or how good I feel when I’m with him – it’s totally forbidden! But Fin is everything that I imagined a guy could be – and more. Beneath his ARROGANT MARINE exterior I know that he’s deeply vulnerable and maybe I’m the only one that can reach the real man beneath all of his layers of complexity.
Being with Fin feels so good, he makes my eyes roll and my toes curl. All I want is to get close to him and hold him tight and let him take me on this crazy journey to myself. But I’m afraid, because if we mess up, we could lose so much.
There’s nothing like meeting a witch in a fairground to throw you in the deep end and force you to come face to face with the desires that you don’t want to come to face up to.

Ryan was always the smart one, I always looked after him and protected him from bullies and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t love it. But he keeps pushing me away and it hurts so bad because I can’t deny how I feel for him any longer. I don’t care if WE SHOULDN’T he’s the most amazing guy I’ve ever known and all I want is to look after him and care for him, if only he’ll let me.
His touch is magical and it feels so right. When I’m with him it feels so special, unlike any one else. If there was ever anyone who made me want to be a better person, it’s him!
When we find ourselves trapped in a bizarre fantasy reality we’re going to have to tackle our feelings for one another or we might just not get out alive.

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