$0.99 on 4/21/2019 – The Apprentice by Sky Boss

When handsome twenty year old Tenny leaves his small hometown in the North to take up an apprenticeship to become a Magi for the strict moral religious ‘Order’, he thinks his dreams have come true. Tenny has always done as he’s been told, followed the rules and studied hard. He has certainly never given in to his romantic feelings towards other men, because such feelings are strictly forbidden by The Scrolls.

The Scrolls are the bedrock of The Order. Unquestioning obedience to their teaching is the most basic prerequisite of becoming a Magi.

Under the guidance of his master, Grand Magi Phillus, Tenny begins a regime of study designed to prepare him for life as a Magi. Under the handsome older man’s tutelage, Tenny develops his psychic gifts and starts to question the very foundations of his society. As the relationship between master and apprentice grows into something loving and beautiful, the two must confront the homophobic order that they uphold and the very real threat that it poses to their love and their lives.

In a hypocritical, morally bankrupt society, can love between two men flourish? And what hope do they have when the institution they have sworn to uphold would rather see them dead than happy?

25K words of steamy, emotional MM fantasy romance goodness

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