$0.99 on 2/7/2019 – My Godfather by Sky Boss

If my conservative catholic parents knew that I was gay, I’d be excommunicated from the family. It’s hard to believe in the 21st century, especially in London. But I know what my parents are like, when my father’s former best friend Simon, my godfather, came out to my folks ten years ago, they stopped talking to him.

My father has big plans for what I’m going to do after university and for the sort of life that I’m going to lead. The clock is ticking because he wants me to take over the family business once I graduate and I need to find the courage to just be me or I’m going to end up living my life in the closet.

A chance encounter with Simon takes me on a rollercoaster journey to myself. With so many years between us he might as well be a stranger to me. Simon is everything I dreamed that a man could be and more: he’s mature, successful, tender and an amazing lover. He teaches me about being held, about being vulnerable and touches me in ways that no man has ever touched me before.

He knows my situation and he knows my family and with his help I hope that I can weather the storm because it’s going to get emotional. It’s bad enough having to tell my folks that that I’m gay, but having to admit that I’ve fallen for a man that they cut out of their lives years before might just be a the last straw…

This is a single narrator first person sweet, steamy romance about forgiveness and acceptance which deals with some religious issues.

19K words

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