$0.99 on 2/15/2019 – Train Me by Sky Boss

You know when you feel that spark and you can’t help yourself. As much as you know you shouldn’t be attracted to this person, you can’t help it… No matter how much you want to you can’t stop it. When that man is your best friend’s father, the same father who crashed out of his life nearly a decade ago, you know you shouldn’t, but you can’t fight the tide of emotion.

John has been the best friend I could have hoped for, but with my scholarship for university under threat and his HOT AS HELL swimming coach father offering to TRAIN ME, I find my loyalties torn. John’s father let him down big time before, but now he’s back and trying to make amends.

When I help them to fix their relationship, helping John to push past his old resentments towards his father, am I really just being selfish? And what would John say if he knew about me and his father?

This is a stand alone, single narrator, first person, sweet, steamy MM / gay romance about forgiveness, acceptance, second chances, a smoking hot swimmer and his older coach.

15K + words

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