$0.99 on 9/19/2019 – Lives Unbalanced by Phyllis P. Colucci

This novel is a work of fiction that tells the story of a young woman who survives life, and finds strength in the most endearing yet unconventional ways.
Susan was an introvert, who lost her parents at a young age. Her brother Marty was the only family she had left. Marty was married and lived in Florida with his wife Sara and daughter Lisa, while Susan continued to live up North, in Brooklyn, New York. When word from Florida about Marty’s sudden death reached Susan, her world came crumbling down.
Susan’s loneliness and inability to make friends and enter into relationships, easily made for a very difficult and personal struggle for her; until she met Jim. Jim became the love of her life. However, danger and madness soon found its way into Susan and Jim’s lives through the wrath of the deranged Joe. It was now up to Susan to protect Jim, herself, her sister-in-law Sara and her niece Lisa. It was now up to Susan to also find a way to avenge her brother Marty’s death.
Susan’s abnormal and dysfunctional connection to her beloved ragdoll “Ramona” became her only salvation. As bizarre as it seemed, Ramona became Susan’s closest friend and trusted confidant over the years; to whom she relied upon for advice and guidance. Together they found companionship, and a special bond, that would keep them connected in a way that protected and saved Susan from the harsh realities of life and the dangers as well. What may have seemed like insanity to some, Susan’s relationship with Ramona proved to be the opposite. As we all find ways to survive life and loneliness, Susan found Ramona. Ramona was able to cross the line between the Supernatural and Reality for love, friendship, hate and revenge !

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