$FREE on 9/8/2019 – The Throwback : The girl who didn’t belong by David Canford

Set before and during the American Civil War, a family secret has devastating consequences. Rejected at birth because of her color, a young woman must find the strength to survive in a world that would keep her enslaved. A moving story of hatred, revenge, forbidden love, overcoming hardship and helping others. Can good triumph over evil?
A baby’s birth to George Elwood’s wife on their South Carolina plantation threatens to cause a scandal, but the funeral of mother and child seems to ensure the truth will never be known.
Years later Elwood's son, Thomas, is rescued from disaster by a slave, Mosa. Helping her in return, he discovers the secrets of his family which set him on a collision course with his father and the law.
Mosa makes it North to freedom but even in New York, she finds her life is threatened.
Receiving unexpected news, she risks her life to return South during the height of the Civil War. She hopes to wait it out in relative safety away from any population center, but the war finds her and threatens to destroy those she cares about.
For fans of books such as Yellow Crocus and Sister of Mine.

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