$FREE on 8/19/2018 – Second Chance in Sampson’s Quarry by Sophie Tucker

Everyone deserves a second chance…

Callie Andris’ childhood was less than perfect. Thanks to her Aunt Staci, she learned there were still people worth trusting. The unexpected arrival of her cousin, Trish, who she hasn’t seen in years, tests her resolve that everyone deserves a second chance.


Will Matthews has lived in Sampson’s Quarry for nearly two years. He has turned his interest in woodworking to start his own business. A rumor about an incident from his past has been spread throughout town and may threaten everything he has worked for, including his budding relationship with Callie.

Strange behavior…

After an argument with Will, Callie’s instinct is to push him away. She keeps busy dealing with her business and the strange behavior of her cousin. When days go by without hearing from Will, she realizes that pushing him away is the last thing she wants. As things in Sampson’s Quarry become even stranger, Callie hopes that she will get the chance to tell Will how she really feels.

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