$FREE on 5/7/2019 – Bound Bayou by David Canford

A young teacher from England achieves a dream when he gets the chance to work for a year in the United States, but 1950s Mississippi is not the America he has seen on the movie screens at home.
His adventure turns into a living nightmare when his independent spirit collides with the rules of life in the Deep South. Crossing the racial divide, Arthur Belsay sets off a chain of events he can’t control and endangers the life of the woman he loves as well as his own.
Fleeing to New York, they make new lives in what seems like a different country, but the past catches up with them.
Ultimately Arthur faces a character-defining challenge: can he find the courage to save a woman who can’t return his love, though he risks almost certain death in the attempt?
From the author of The Throwback: The Girl Who Didn't Belong

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