$FREE on 5/12/2019 – And A Meadowlark Sang by Jen Pretty

Lark's inner goddess is a blood-thirsty ancient Hindu deity in yoga pants. 

OK, I made the last part up.

Lark has struggled with her unusual disability for most of her life — she can see vampires walking among humans like they belong. Their red eyes and sharp teeth are apparently not visible to anyone else.
After the death of her family at the hands of one of these monsters, Lark learned the hard way to keep her curse to herself and run at the first sign of trouble. 
But deep inside her lurks an ancient being who is waiting for the right moment to come forth and take her vengeance on the creatures of the night that upset the balance.
This deity will forever change the course of Larks life. From yoga instructor to goddess-guided huntress? Her life is about to take a sharp turn off a steep cliff. And a powerful vampire is there to give her the last shove.

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