$FREE on 5/11/2019 – The Spite House by Cherie Mitchell

Polly Desmond's great-great-great-grandfather once built a house out of spite.

Furious at William Birdwood, his former good friend, Richard Desmond constructed a house for the sole purpose of stopping the sunshine and sea breezes from reaching William's house. The fact his house also removed all chance of William's sea view was an added bonus, in Richard's opinion. The townsfolk called this narrow and tall monument to friendships gone wrong The Spite House.

130 years later, Polly's grandmother leaves her the house at No. 7 Drury Street in her Will. Naturally, Polly is aware of the family folklore that surrounds Grandpa Richard's vengeful construction efforts, but she has loved The Spite House since she was a little girl.

It is not until Polly takes up residence in No. 7 Drury Street that she finds the century-old grudge might still be alive and well. Can Polly finally put the past to rest and help two families to move on, or does the devious Karon Michaels have other ideas?

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