$FREE on 4/9/2021 – My Brother Themba by Michele van Rensburg

Themba, a mixed-race boy, and Alex, a white boy, negotiate the restrictions apartheid inflicts on their day-to-day lives to sustain their brotherhood over time. In 1980's South Africa, the gap between the way Themba and Alex are treated is present in each and every moment. This story follows them as they mature and grow within this system, which recognizes Themba as a crime. When they move on to high school, each goes their own direction. Themba finds a father figure and begins to understand the system that has antagonized him, which leads him to be active in politics and movements. Meanwhile, Alex has become pent up and prone to lashing out. “My Brother Themba” is a novel that examines how two boys, the best of friends, are brought up and raised in apartheid South Africa. The way this evil governance affects them differently every day illuminates the human tragedy that can happen when evil people lead our countries. But with knowledge and awareness, there is hope. This, above all, is the story of a young man recognizing a system for what it is and rebelling against it.

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