$FREE on 4/6/2019 – Gwri of Dragonia by Earl L. Brigham

As the first volume in the trilogy The Queens of Dragonia, Gwri of Dragonia sets into motion a continuing struggle over who will reign over the realm of magic, and defend it.

Gwri of Dragonia is the rousing tale of a king
whose wife is murdered by a dragon. A dragon steals the dead queen's crown. The king's search for the murderer and his attempt to find and return the crown leads him to the one true queen, the woman who claims his heart.

The search is fraught with danger and adventure. Demons and evil entities abound as the king battles ever onward against increasingly difficult odds.

This high historical fantasy contains numerous clashes between of a rich diversity of magical creatures. There are dragons, faeries, humans, mermaids, angels, demons, monsters, mythical kings and a host of other beings. The creatures and entities that are out to slay dragons are not kind and gentle folk, and the dragons' responses to their brutal attackers is quite serious.

WARNING! A portion of this novel is a very violent story. In the struggle that leads to the demise of many dragons and humans, there is a significant amount of graphic, fantasy violence. Although there are many positive attributes displayed by several characters, such as courage and honesty and hope, the story of the battle is not for the weak-of-heart. Imagine, for a moment, what it would take to kill one dragon, then turn that into a fight for the survival of dragons.

The novel draws on ancient historical traditions and lesser-known myths, primarily from the Celtic world and the early Viking age. These stories were often changed into something else by those who wrote them down.

The historical accuracy preserves some of the horrors and violence of traditional tales woven throughout the story. The remains of many locations included in the story yet exist in the world today.

This is a tale of not only the fears and horrors of antiquity, but also of love, valor, struggle and hope.

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