$FREE on 3/4/2019 – A Vegetable Garden Adventure by Daniel D. Horvat

As they moved with parents to their new house, a sister and a brother found a silkworm inside a garden's shed that was trapped inside a pendant of a necklace, together with a brief saying: Read this saying in a single breath to become small and set free the silkworm by blowing through the hole on the backside of the pendant! So they did, but nothing strange happened. Children didn’t become small. They promised the silkworm to come and try again the next day. Then they went to eat their dinner and to sleep. Believing in the message and a saying the boy wisely picked up a dry dandelion and put it together with a pencil on the nightstand close to their beds. He was thinking ahead of time how to get out of the house and arrive at the garden’s shed if they were going to become small. The next morning they woke up in a size of a pea! They’ve read the saying the right way, only it resulted with a slight delay! They needed to find a way how to reach the garden’s shed. Beside their great desire to help the silkworm, this was their only chance to grow back again, because the saying included even this: When you complete the task, return to the place where you became little, so you could grow back again.
Children felt slightly scared of being so little, considering how everything else around them seemed strangely huge. Regardless, they were coping with fears together, encouraging one another, becoming more reliable on each other as of themselves. Believing in their achievement gave them the courage for a 3-days journey across the garden, where they met lots of animals that were helping them at their most difficult moments.

Besides being fascinating, the story is created and structured to serve well all children whether toddlers or young adults, to put it in small words, for young readers. From 5 to 12 years of age.
It is based on continuous action for achieving the ultimate goal and not giving it up, though it seems difficult sometimes. Believing in oneself and your dearest (brother and sister) and supporting each other when coping with fears, the kind of support that creates the power of will to go beyond the limit. Emotions are present in several situations so children could understand what brother and sister are facing in the story and how they feel in different situations, bringing closer the way they comfort each other and how they cope with their own troubles.

That experience is present in the story, regardless the fact it’s not mentioned that many times.
It doesn’t show explicitly. The key element that makes this story so fascinating, witty and humorous is the educational part where even adults can learn a thing or a few about vegetables and garden animals, their function and duties, as even their particular characteristics. How can a caterpillar swing on a leaf without falling? How can a grasshopper jump so high? Why does a snail crawl slowly, and what is the purpose of his tentacles? Why gophers keep their eyes closed and have no ears?
The story explains it all!

You like to enjoy with your child a fascinating and original story, which includes educational content filled with emotions and encourages the accomplishment of the goal and not giving up, no matter how hard the task feels sometimes. Then the book A Vegetable Garden Adventure is the right choice for you!

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