$FREE on 3/12/2021 – The Black Recluse: Bad Moon Rising by Bill Passmore

Satan’s evil pawns, wolf creatures, cannibals, and a killer's worst nightmare explode when a four-year-old boy becomes addicted to venom after being bit by a rare black recluse. Turning him into a homegrown, faster than a rattlesnake, stronger than a brahma bull, super FBI crime-fighting machine that rides his Harley Destroyer with no fear, the Black Recluse stares death straight in the eye with a double-barrel sawed-off shotgun! This story contains geographical, social justice, and educational sections; moreover, the tale combines mystery, human trafficking, and science fiction. The Black Recluse isn’t your ordinary super crimefighter: he is like no other species walking this planet. Quicker than a giant pit viper cottonmouth, Black Recluse, although human, dons his space-age impenetrable costume and develops superior strength with instincts from the venom addiction making him damn-near invincible. After growing up with a tough street gang as a young teenager, the FBI got wind of him and quickly made him their top-secret crime fighting weapon during the 1950's and ‘60's. He thrives on being “dark and sexy” and lives for the dangerous lifestyle that’s like a cold, moonless night. In Bad Moon Rising, his ultimate arch nemesis is the scientifically created wolf creature who pushes the Black Recluse’s instincts and strength to their limit.

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