$FREE on 3/11/2019 – One More Night by Laurel Black

Around him, people moved on with their lives. He smelled fast food and alcohol, heard some of the conversations pass him by. He heard the planes taking off outside, and the bustle of the people shoving each other, trying to get on. There they all were, moving around him, paying little to no attention to the two men standing awkwardly in the corridor, men who have absolutely no idea what to say to each other. And it irked him. Quietly, he looked up at Jeremy again, a resolute light in his eyes.

And Jeremy froze.

He saw the pain in the young man’s eyes. He saw the tremor in his hands, and the thinly veiled rage just hidden underneath. He saw the confusion and the complete and utter terror in his expression. And then it dawned on him at just how badly he messed up.

And all it took was that phrase, “One more night.”

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