$FREE on 2/1/2020 – 5 Minutes by Gareth Stokes

Amy is a mute child with a powerful gift and a certainty that the future has been cancelled. Marielle is a beautiful revolutionary with a passion for mechanical men. Lydia is a five-thousand year-old ghost with a hunger for vengeance. And Earth has only got five minutes—REAL TIME—to live. Across twisted Time dimensions (and a universe with a flower garden) battles, schemes and twists unravel. This story is a satiric Science-Fiction drama, proudly exhibiting absolutely no respect whatsoever for politicians.

It describes the events which lead up to Earth’s death; a catastrophic annihilation, but a peculiar one, almost trivial. Because it unfolded in the most bizarre way, and no-one actually cared.

Only a bottle-blonde pop star could possibly bring it back to life.

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