$FREE on 12/16/2018 – And a Meadowlark Sang by Jen Pretty

Lark has a secret. If it ever gets out, she'll likely find herself drained dry in some back alley before she can say Namaste.
Yoga helps her find balance in her crummy life; a way of staying in touch with her inner goddess. But she is closer to the great Hindu goddess, Durga, than she ever imagined.
After a chance run-in with the powerful vampire, Mr. Crowden, Lark only has two choices: fight or flight.
If she runs, she will have to keep running forever but the arrogant vampire won't leave her alone, and dangerous rogue vampires start closing in, so she has to make a decision. Will she accept a life-changing deal with the devil?
But, when things go from bad to worse, can she find the ancient power hiding within her before it’s too late?

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