$FREE on 11/26/2019 – The Planetsider by G J Ogden

Cities fell, the lands were scorched and then the sickness came. No-one knows why, but one man is about to find out.

Ethan and the other rangers protect the scattered settlements that rose up after the Fall. They fight savage roamers, twisted by a sickness known as the Maddening, and scout the wastelands for the resources they need to survive. No-one knows what caused the devastation or the Maddening, but Ethan is determined to get answers. He’ll wish he never asked.

Trapped in space for generations, two factions of the advanced pre-Fall civilization are still locked in a bitter war. To end it, they must find and enlist the help of a planetsider. When Captain Maria Salus and Commander Chris Kurren crash to the planet’s surface and beg for Ethan’s help, he agrees to go with them. In return he’ll learn the truth. But the reality is darker than he ever imagined.

They say ignorance is bliss. But you can’t unlearn the truth. Now Ethan has no choice but to fight, not only for those he loves, but for the very future of life itself, planetside.

– A post-apocalyptic thriller with a military Sci-Fi twist –

The Planetsider is the thrilling first book in the epic post-apocalyptic military sci-fi series, The Planetsider Trilogy. Scroll up and start the journey today.

“The strong action sequences and thoughtful world-building make this one worth picking up for fans of plot-driven SF.” – Publishers Weekly

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