$FREE on 10/31/2019 – The Art of Dying Well: Part 1 by Jodi Ralston

In a world where fairies enslave mankind, the undead roam the unsettled prairies, and supernaturally-strong women protect men against both threats, Rede Russell, Jr., seeks escape in the recently opened wild lands thousands of miles to the far east.

This journey means months of mind-numbing isolation and physical hardship seasoned with the occasional threat to his life and freedom. A fair trade for a young man longing to build his own future instead of marrying into one.

But five months into the overland journey, the weary wagon party stumbles upon an oasis of lush grass, fruit-laden orchards, and a refreshing stream—all of which is just a little too inviting for the party's good.

Despite Rede's misgivings, the group settles down for an overnight stay: a decision that may cost them their lives. For the magical place isn't about to let its prey leave, and death may be their only escape.

This is the first in a series of short novels of pioneering adventures, gunslinging imps, butterfly fairies, cosmic horror, and magic stitches.

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