$FREE on 10/2/2019 – The Little Lost Fishing Cat by Nadishka Aloysius

Do you like to learn about animals? Have you ever heard of Fishing Cats?

Felena lives happily with her adopted family. However, they abandon her in a forested area when they realize it is illegal to rear endangered animals as pets. Having lived in a human household from when she was very young, Felena has to use her wits to survive.

Will she learn to forage for food on her own? Or will she fall prey to a hungry monitor lizard? Will she find a new home?

Children have a natural affinity for animals and love to explore. So, follow the adventures of a little wildcat as she overcomes adversity and finds out where she truly belongs.

This book also includes Revision Questions and Fun Facts and through the entertaining story will educate children about wildlife conservation efforts in Sri Lanka.

“Educational and refreshing… a great read for kids and adults alike, to help us understand the importance of coexistence with animals and nature.” Otara Gunewardene (Sri Lankan Wildlife Activist/Philanthropist)

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