$FREE on 10/15/2019 – Presumed Guilty by Gino Cox

Two of police detective Gideon Maguire’s partners are murdered in separate incidents less than a week apart and the evidence implicates him.

A mob enforcer has a crisis of conscience and turns on his masters. When his wife and daughter are brutally murdered, he kidnaps a drug kingpin’s daughter in an intricate plot for revenge.

The kidnapping results in a series of attacks on registered sex offenders by vigilantes hoping to find the girl and cash in on a huge reward.

The incompetence of a mob boss’s heir apparent results in palace intrigues to discredit the young man.

Several intricate subplots involving vigilante torture and murder, extrajudicial executions, rigged dogfights, teenage sexting, murder, fabricated evidence, predatory pedophiles and a transvestite chanteuse are seamlessly interwoven in this contemporary noir mystery/thriller.

Nobody is innocent. They are all presumed guilty.

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