$FREE on 10/27/2019 – The Goddesses of Japan by Kazuko Nishimura

Book One of the saga of the oldest, continuous hereditary monarchy in the world, the 2600 years old, Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan, “The Goddesses of Japan” is a history-based book, narrated entirely by unsung heroines—goddess, sovereign, mother, wife, warrior, lover—all who enact in the forefront, or move in the background, to influence the fate of the country, changing forever the fabric of its society.

The deities Izanami and Izanagi are appointed Creators of the New World—the Land of the Rising Sun. A beautiful relationship of love develops between them during the Creation phase, but fate sadly sets them apart forever. Their offspring fight for hegemony over the land and Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess emerges victorious. Her descendants become the rulers of the new world and found the legendary Yamato Dynasty.

Although, throughout antiquity alliances are forged with powerful aristocratic families in order to survive treachery and rivalries, with the emergence of the Samurai class, the Imperial House loses grip on state affairs and the country is engulfed in brutal civil wars. The sword becomes law and the strong feed on the weak in a dynamic interchange of power, where there is always one who is yet stronger than the strongest. Stealth agents, Ninja, enter the scene, worsening the situation, yet help the process of reunification of the country.

Christianity is introduced to the country. At the height of its power, it has tamed the natives of the American continent, subjugated the Philippines and terrorises Europe with the Inquisition.

Is Japan going to be its next conquest?

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