$FREE on 5/19/2021 – Why All the Skulls Are Grinning by Joe Pawlowski

Ever wonder why skulls are always grinning? Could it be because they see through the folly of our human condition?

Do they see the shaken teenage girl, lost and abandoned at the gateway to another realm? Or the man driven mad by isolation who believes he built an automaton to lead him back to open skies? What about the car salesman whose girlfriend winds up a sacrificial offering to a rock god’s dark deity?

The nine stories contained in Why All the Skulls Are Grinning look into these tortured lives and many others, including:

• The wannabe-conman who thinks he has a hot one on his hook: a wealthy widow primed for a fleecing. But is this his golden ticket or a death trap?

• The escaped convict racing toward freedom finds a cabin in the woods that offers sanctuary. But what he’s unprepared for is what comes through the door after him.

• The pair of brother farmers and their common-law wife who watch as a new kind of storm rolls in, unlike anything they have ever seen before. What drops from the clouds is not rain but a monstrous swarm of insects that threatens their very lives. And in the heart of the flurry: something not of this world.

Why are the skulls always grinning? Because sometimes you have to smile to keep from shrieking.

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