$0.99 on 9/12/2019 – Savage Beasts by Alexa Saint

Hearthstone Academy was supposed to be my salvation. My harbour from the storm. I’m here on scholarship, plucked from obscurity because I can play any piece of music by ear.

But on my very first day I make enemies of three gorgeous and gifted fiends: the so-called campus Gods. They’re privileged. Powerful. They own Hearthstone. They prowl the storied campus, a threatening glint in their eyes when I cross their path, and make it clear they intend to ruin me.

Who are these esteemed and entitled men? Why have I been singled out as their prey?

And why can’t I resist my attractions to these three Gods of Hearthstone: Oaken, Rael and Jadon?

I’m the poor girl. Orphaned, neglected, and kicked out of my foster home. To them, all I am is the charity case. The Leech.

They can try to run me off.

They can try to steal my confidence, my desire, my love, even the very air I breathe.

But I’m used to abuse. I know how to survive bullies.

I’ll take them on.

My music has never failed me. And that's exactly how I'll win.

Savage Beasts is Book One in the Hearthstone Academy paranormal college romance series. Inside you’ll find one downtrodden but feisty heroine determined to gain a better life for herself, a pair of seriously awesome BFFs, and a trio of cunning bullies with secrets of their own, all in a school whose mysteries are yet to be discovered.

En pressant into overtures of scalding steam with a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose!

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