$0.99 on 8/12/2018 – Rebound by PJ Adams

The past… it will always catch up with you in the end.

A retired secret agent with a dark and troubled past, a scientist who only wants to save the world, and a charismatic politician who might just want to stop her…

Alex Mitchell is a man tormented by a dark and mysterious past. Until a couple of years ago he worked for Section Eight, a select group occupying the murky hinterland between the security services and the limits of international law. But now, as his quiet new life at a provincial university starts to unravel and his past catches up, he gets called on for one last job. For one thing will always remain true: you can never truly leave the Section.

Sunita Chakravarti never meant to spend the night with him. That kind of casual thing never held any appeal for her, and even if it did, this is most certainly not the time: her own life is turbulent, and he's just split up with his girlfriend. The last thing Sunita wants is to be his rebound.

And then there's Bernard Bowler, a charismatic politician drawn to Sunita and her work. A man who always gets what he wants. He offers her liberation, but what does he demand in return? And what will he do if she refuses him?

Rebound: a novel of betrayal, kidnap, and possible redemption. A steamy romance, a topical contemporary thriller, and the story of three people thrown together even as they're torn apart.

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