$0.99 on 7/4/2018 – Three Fold Death: Celestial Dragon Series by Brett Hicks

Page is a young Marine who survives hell in an Iranian detention facility. She is still piecing her world back together from the inexplicable nature of her experiences in her hell, or how she managed to escape.
She is finally coming into her own with the Chicago Police Department. When she is called to a crime scene that will open up all her old wounds.
Page's body has finally began its final changes now that she is an adult. What new and seeming insane truths come with it? How will she manage to navigate the larger world she is becoming aware of? How will Page survive that world becoming aware of her?
Most importantly, what is she?! Why does everyone seem to think she is the freak in their community?!

Urban Fantasy and High-Fantasy blend together in this epic tale!

Set in a universe, where earth is but one realm among many. Realms with many magical races, including dragons!

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