$0.99 on 7/29/2018 – The General’s Daughter by Michael Peirce

Governor Vera Selvedge of Georgia was elected as a libertarian and finds herself a virtual War Lord. She is trying to hold it all together, both as a leader and at the personal level, but so many have died or been maimed under her orders in this, the First Z-War. Even more men and women have deteriorated to the insanity and PTSD that accompanied the constant fighting against the ravening reanimates, and the crazed marauders. It seems even good leaders have to make monstrous decisions.

The shrinks have identified a “horror level” that all will reach sooner or later; Vera and her closest friends at Combined Operations South pray they can hold on regardless, or at least until victory. If there is any victory to be had.

As the Georgia military attempts to contain and fight back the zombies from all corners of the world, and personal relationships from within, the future starts to look more and more bleak. Will the soldiers remain sane long enough to win?

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