$0.99 on 7/2/2018 – Cutlass!: A Sci-Fi Space Pirate Romance by Genevieve St-Yves

Their names are feared across the cosmos

Ryssa Starlight once loved Johnny Brash, the most infamous space pirate captain in the universe, until he went soft and sold out. Not content to trade on his notorious reputation in the pursuit of wealth, Ryssa struck out on her own to give her ex-lover a run for his money when it came to being the most wanted pirate to terrorize space. Now she has her own ship, the Cutlass, a loyal crew, and has made a name for herself by conducting daring and profitable raids against the two intergalactic empires out to conquer independent space.

Ryssa gets the chance of a lifetime when a star map leading to the ultimate prize comes into her possession. With a ship from an ancient, advanced civilization up for grabs, whoever reaches it first and claims the Lost Technology will control the fate of the galaxies. But taking on the mission means teaming up with Brash. Unable to trust his intentions or her own unresolved emotions that still burn as hot as rocket fuel, Ryssa and Brash blast off to the furthest reaches of the unknown.

Brash never forgot Ryssa or the passionate love they once shared. He’s as determined to claim Captain Starlight for his own as he is to capture the ship. But before he can convince her that she belongs with him, they’ll have to battle dangerous aliens, cunning traitors, and the evil Space Vampires looking to jump their claim in this sexy, steamy, and romantic science fiction adventure.

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