$0.99 on 7/13/2021 – The Cannibal Gardener by Joe Pawlowski

Edmund has a secret.

Besides working as a gardener at Harbo’s Garden Center, he has a separate existence on the dark web, where he is known as Raoul153. There he flirts with the notion of eating people. This idea comes from his grandmother, who tells him stories about the history of his ancient ancestors, the Cannibal Gardeners of New Guinea.

Surprisingly, many share his dark interest. Some even volunteer to be his main course.One of the people he encounters on the dark web is someone he one day meets in real life. Her name is Denise and she isn’t one of his volunteers but is a force to be reckoned with. Her Goth sensibilities and morbid interests make her a perfect match for Edmund. Or so he thinks. She’s not so sure.

And, oh, yes, there is a real cannibal on the loose for them to contend with, and he's bringing along a friend.

The Cannibal Gardener combines chilling, supernatural suspense with a love story and generous doses of humor from a master storyteller.

“Joe Pawlowski is an artist. With words as his medium, he paints his dark tales so realistically, you will have nightmares.”—Reviewer Barbara Taylor

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