$0.99 on 6/6/2021 – The Illustrator’s Daughter by Gideon Burrows

What is any parent’s greatest fear?

Loving parents. A brand new baby girl. They should have been an ideal young family.
It doesn’t always turn out that way.

Matt Carron is desperate not to lose his perfect wife. But he can’t hide his jealousy when his daughter is born.

The baby takes up all of his wife’s attention, leaving nothing left for him.

As Minnie becomes a toddler, he’s driven crazy by her tantrums. When she gets a jigsaw wrong. When she won’t listen to his bedtime stories. When she won’t eat what he feeds her. When he has to pin her to the ground so hard she bruises her arms.

When she reaches her pre-teens, Minnie is stubborn and argumentative. But every mother is bound to side with her own daughter, isn’t she? Any sign he resents his daughter, or can’t cope with her behaviour, might lead to their leaving him.

So when Minnie becomes seriously ill, it’s best that Matt tries to hide his fears. And follow his wife down a desperate path. At least until he comes to terms with the unbearable choice he’s been avoiding for twelve years.

His daughter, or his wife?

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