$0.99 on 6/15/2019 – Magic & Mayhem by Janiece L. Malone

If you enjoy fantasy novels with a strong female lead, a historical time-piece with an epic ending, then you'll love this.

Nina is not your average young adult. She looks different from those around her and she was born with fire built in her fingertips. Her father James has given his all to keep her safe, but there are some cruelties he couldn't protect her from. One, in particular, racism.

After escaping certain death to obtain an ancient artifact, Nina and her companions find shelter from the storm. In that same cave, they meet a young woman. At first, they distrust her especially being that she can't remember who she is. But at their most desperate hour, she pulls through for them.

Soon her presence proves more of a problem than they first anticipated. Attracting assassins and bounty hunters alike. It is not until they meet the Rebel leader that their luck changes. However, what starts out as a mutual agreement quickly escalates into them participating in a civil war. Not against another ethnic group where they stand a chance, but against the King.

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