$0.99 on 3/3/2019 – A Time of Ashes by Ru Pringle

BEFORE THE CORRUPTION CAME, Murrin Kentle lived in a world where the largest island could be walked across in a day, and humans traded and fished in bladeships made from the bones of the gigantic and bizarre sea monsters patrolling its bottomless oceans. As a truthkeep of the Brotherhood of the First Mind, it’s been his duty to fight the decay of knowledge with religious fervour. A fervour he’s struggled to maintain.

Before the Corruption came, Sheehan hahe Seeheeli was a carefree countess of the amphibious, matriarchal Shi’iin. When an emissary of the gods brings news of an impending catastrophe, she and Murrin must embark on a desperate voyage in the hope of salvation.

Before the Corruption came, a young man named Coll grew up in a desert town. His thirst for retribution for what was done to his mother will set in motion a train of events not even the gods could fully have foretold.

NOW THE CORRUPTION IS HERE, and nothing in any of the worlds of the Sundered Realm will ever be the same.

By turns touching, thrilling and horrific, A Time of Ashes is the first part of a beautifully written epic tale of discovery, friendship, loss, and survival against crushing odds.

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