$0.99 on 12/5/2019 – The War Chamber by B. Roman

Book II of the Moon Singer Series: The War Chamber is David Nickerson’s trial by fire.

Angrier than ever over the death of his mother, David attempts to communicate with her through his crystals. He finds himself transported to Coronadus, a strange city caught in a time warp between a militant past and a peaceful present. Here David encounters, Bianca, a revered woman who becomes his surrogate mother and who helps him understand how his deafness and his mother's karmic mission are intertwined.

When the city’s thirst for war looms over possession of the ship Moon Singer, David is tasked with trying to prevent it by appealing to the War Council. But he fails and Bianca invokes the dreaded War Chamber to punish the citizens. Though a cataclysmic event destroys Coronadus, David uses the ship Moon Singer to rescue the city’s most precious treasures and bring them home to Port Avalon.

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