$0.99 on 12/23/2020 – The Occultus by Ray Morgan

When it comes to being a demon, I’d say I’m a pretty solid five—a high seven on a good day. I’ve lied. I’ve cheated. I’ve picked a pocket or two. It’s not like we can all be harbingers of death or great Babylonic beasts. Ambitions like that got you noticed, and getting noticed got you dead. So, maybe I wasn’t that good a demon, but hey—I was alive.

Some demons are born to bring forth nightmares. Then there's Nate.

Nate Godwin is a laidback demon enjoying his laidback, boring life in the comfort of good-old rainy England, until he gets conned into babysitting a hapless hunter and young fugitive. On the run from angels and demons alike, Nate soon finds himself going up against his own personal nightmare—the high-level demon that owns his soul. Amon.

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