$0.99 on 11/8/2019 – Whatever Became of Sin? by B. Roman

Racial hatred and sexual obsession lead to a heinous baby switching scheme, murder and political conspiracies. Now, one baby is dead and one is alive. Can her father find her before it’s too late?
The past twelve years of Michael Warren’s life begin to unravel on a flight from San Francisco to New Orleans, a stopover on Warren’s trip to D.C. to testify before a Senate Committee. As an avid environmental lobbyist, this would be Michael’s opportunity to destroy plans for a housing development built on land tainted with the same kind of toxic waste that killed Michael’s
six-year-old daughter, Dominique.
An audio cassette handed to Michael by a stranger on the plane is thought to contain damaging evidence about the developer. Instead, it renders his daughter’s life and death a lie: Dominique was not Michael’s real daughter; his real baby girl was kidnapped at birth and replaced with another newborn with the intent that the whereabouts of Baby Girl Warren would forever be unknown.
When the stranger dies in a bizarre murder mid-flight, Michael is sidetracked in New Orleans, where he and his family once lived. Here, two enigmatic people further complicate his life: the stunningly beautiful Celia Stone, a New Orleans obstetrician; and Madison Bouvier, the dapper,
ambitious New Orleans district attorney. Michael hopes to enlist their aid in finding his real daughter but, unknown to him, they surreptitiously thwart his every move, each with their own agenda for revenge and profit.
Unaware of Celia Stone’s duplicitous nature, unaware that she is involved intimately with Bouvier, and unaware she is actually the mother of the child he buried, Michael falls hopelessly in love with her.
To further complicate matters, Michael’s wife Elaine now resides in Twelve Oaks Sanitarium, seemingly contented to dwell in her illusionary world of ignorance to the truth about Dominique’s death. She is also victimized by her own father’s psychological abuse because her mother was of Cajun blood – and this makes her “impure” in his eyes.
Tormented by guilt and heartbroken to learn of the kidnapping and baby-switching scheme by her ruthless father, Madison Bouvier, and Elaine’s own racist father, Celia plots to expose everyone’s involvement – except her own – by exploiting Elaine’s fragile mental state and planting the evidence on her to be found by Michael.
Meantime, Michael’s search for his daughter takes him on an exploration of the mysterious and enticing city of New Orleans, the colorful Cajun country, and end at a Catholic convent where his daughter had been hidden for twelve years.
When Michael discovers the truth about who is involved in his daughter’s kidnapping, he is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: Shall he expose them all and jeopardize his daughter’s well-being? Or shall he submit to their conditions in order to bring her safely home?
The shrewd compromises he must make in order to see justice done provide the surprising and satisfying ending.

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