$0.99 on 10/2/2021 – Knightmare by Beverley Cann

How would you feel to live your life over again? Evelyn Cross is about to find out. Completely underwhelmed by retirement, Evelyn feels like she is just marking time. Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in the past, she does not welcome change or seek adventure. However the current lack of purpose in her life makes her feel guilty. She enrols in a craft workshop at a beautiful castle in the south of England – an easy, relaxing activity, right? Wrong!
Soon after starting the course, she becomes unwell and collapses. When she finally recovers she realizes she has travelled back through time to the 12th century. Even more disconcerting she has regressed to her twenties and has no idea how to return to 21st century life.
Follow Evelyn's remarkable journey: from her attack and being taken under the wing of Lady Hilda of Wyvern castle, to the stir she causes with tall, handsome Sir William Delacey who is investigating some grisly and all to frequent murders. Surprisingly, she embarks on her medieval adventure with gusto but life is filled with danger, threats and the overriding fear of being locked away as a lunatic or worse, a witch, if she reveals her true identity.

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