$0.99 on 1/10/2020 – Mind Girl by Wendy Goldstein Davis

Ideas never die. But they can kill.
A child's body lies on the playground, in a most peculiar condition. One small girl has accidentally ignited a battle, and Earth collides with an invisible, totalitarian world. Ava's mistake threatens the order of her realm and the powerful will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo.

A decree is issued from on high: game over. Hundreds of people vanish, leaving behind piles of abandoned clothes in restaurants, at work – wherever they were. Dozens of driverless cars crash. But Ava prefers being a human – even if it is a game – and refuses to abandon her body.

Masquerading as human, caught between worlds, Ava struggles to hide her whereabouts from her realm, and her true identity from her parents and friends. As she tries to blend in in the world she has chosen, no century or place is safe from her planet's relentless telepathy.

Ever-active ideas of caste and control from America's vicious days of slavery erupt through physical time and a slave rebellion upends the modern, beloved life Ava has made for herself.

But no one expected the power of the girl in Ava's mind to find a new future from deep in America's horrific past.

Spanning five years, Mind Girl is a sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, but triumphantly human coming of age story.

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