$0.99 on 5/15/2019 – Requiem’s Reach by R.M. Garino

Conspiracy… subterfuge … darkness and death.

From here we venture forth with our tears unwept. We fight to survive, losing our pieces along the way. Salvation is a high price, that some can’t afford to pay.

Welcome to where the chaos begins.

Malachite believes he has found the location of the fabled lost city of Raqui.

It exists only as shards of mythology, relegated to mad ravings in obscure texts. But he believes this is the safe haven his people seek.

He recruits a small company for the expedition, but death hides amongst their numbers.

Now, they must survive the fall of their homeland and destroy the Lo’ademn, to align the two realms and open the Gates of Golorath.

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This stand alone novella is a must have companion to the Chaos of Souls Series. Incorporating characters from the main story, this book will enrich and deepen your love for this epic fantasy world.

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