$0.99 on 12/4/2018 – Throngs of Misfits by Omayra Vélez

In this the second book in the series The Assembly of Thirteen, the third Companion, The Black Companion arise from the desert. He is born out of the most unlikely of places with a helper of his own attached to his hip. He has no idea who he is or what is his purpose but his helper does. They must travel to the Castle to get training but the opportunity to find a Gifted lie in between.
Kara the second Companion has found herself changed into the Red Companion and with a Gift-Vessel Magi to protect. She did not have time to train or preparer for the task. Tom Arensen was with the Athany and he too needed protection. The Emperor wanted all the Gift-Vessel Magi in the Capitol but Kara needed to get them to safety.
June was returning to the Castle with a crew of her own but in her stood more than mountain.
Opal was left behind and her life was now in danger by the Soldiers that wanted to capture her to take her to the Emperor.
Emperor Klastos, was waiting patiently for all the Magi to be arrested. He needed to kill just one, all eight will be ideal, but one will suffice to protect his Throne.
Will Kara, June and the Black Companion manage to secure the safety of the eight? Will the enemies that stood in between them let them reunite? In this second book, many different people must work together to survive. Some will help, others may get in the way, while some may find that in there are worst evils in freedom than in captivity.

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