$0.99 on 6/2/2018 – Mount Mayhem by Aden Cabro

The emergency broadcast cuts off just before the power goes out. Flashes in the distant night sky confirm Allison's worst fears. She let her husband prepare for a nuclear holocaust but never expected to actually see it happen.

Allison knows she must meet up with Adam and their kids at their island retreat, but a rugged mountain range stands in the way. Instead of being safely on the island, she is stuck at the mountain cabin of her elderly aunt and uncle who are not prepared for any kind of disaster. Her sister and ex-con brother-in-law are also at the cabin, adding to the obstacles Allison must resolve before she can make the dangerous trek over the mountains.

As she struggles with her unprepared family members, one question nags at Allison's mind. If she reaches the island, what will she find?

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