Bookorium Grand Opening Author/Publisher Giveaway

Are you a struggling independent author who is looking for a lot of help with their book launch strategy or a seasoned pro who would be happy to have a big boost to their marketing budget? Either way, the Bookorium Grand Opening Author/Publisher Giveaway is for you! Be in to win the Book Launch Prize Pack, valued at over $8,000. The winner provides the draft of their full-sized novel, and Bookorium provides:

  • Professional editing
  • Formatting for ebook and paperback
  • Cover Design (1x ebook and 1x paperback)
  • ARC distribution
  • 2x Teaser Images
  • 5x Facebook Ad Graphics and creative/copy
  • Scheduling in traditional/standard book promotion newsletters to the value of $2,000
  • Scheduling in relevant author newsletters where available to the value of $500
  • Scheduling in relevant book blogs where available
  • Direct Facebook ad spend of $3,000
  • Management of Facebook Campaign for the above (winner would of course be free to manage their own campaign in addition to this)
  • Management of all the publishing-world professionals involved in providing the above services
  • An open ear for any questions the winner may have about the strategy or writing/publishing in general, from an author/publisher who has been in the top 100 of numerous times.

Terms and Conditions

  • You confirm that you will share the Grand Opening Giveaway for Readers with any applicable author/publisher newsletter subscribers and social media channels you may control.
  • You understand that if you win the Book Launch Prize Pack that the timing of the launch may not be able to fit in with any existing schedule you may have with regards to other books you have ready to publish, or with previously set release dates. Bookorium will endeavor to provide all services and materials in a timely fashion.
  • You understand that Bookorium is unable to offer any guarantees about numbers of sales, rankings etc that will be generated from the Book Launch Prize Pack.
  • You confirm that you own the copyright for any work submitted in relation to the Book Launch Prize Pack and have full rights to use and publish the work. There is no transfer of copyright to Bookorium, you work remains your own and will be published on your own retailer/distributor account(s).
  • You understand that the work submitted in relation to the Book Launch Prize Pack will be a full-sized novel (50,000+ words) and will not violate the terms, conditions or policies of any of the major retailers, to the best of your knowledge.
  • You confirm that the choice of individual services (e.g. graphic designers and editors) is solely at the discretion of Bookorium. Bookorium will endeavor to include you in the creative process as much as you like/is possible, but this will be limited to reasonable levels, not unlimited revisions on cover design for example. The final say as to what “reasonable levels” are is solely at Bookorium’s discretion, depending on the individual service being provided.
  • You understand that the services provided are limited to the budget/limits set out in the prize pack. For example, if we have a cover created and then you decide you want something different, such things may be available at additional cost to yourself, paid up front, but will have to be considered on a case by case basis and agreed by both parties.
  • Any unspent budget allocated to author newsletters or traditional newsletter promotions will be allocated the Facebook direct ad spend. This allowance is due to the differing availability of effective promotion channels for different genres, and hence the amount of money that can be effectively spent on them.
  • I understand that, by mutual agreement, If the Facebook ad campaign(s) managed by Bookorium are performing well, Bookorium can continue to run manage them at cost +10% paid in advance. For example, another $3,000 in ad spend can be secured for $3,300.
  • Winner will be drawn at random from entrants on Friday 8th of June.